Our clients say:

“I have never been apart of a professional diversity and inclusion training for work that was as nuanced, important, challenging and well-executed. I so greatly appreciated all of your guidance and follow-up inquiries into all of our responses to ultimately compel each of us to reckon with our truths, language and honest feelings centered upon biases.”

“Amazing session! These are more beneficial than any leadership conference I could attend. Today, I was able to see my colleagues in a much more human way, and that’ll lead to more collaboration, creativity and well-being.” 

“A great, meaningful experience. Everyone should be required to experience this eye-opening session.”

“I’ve thought about this training almost daily since we had the session a while back. I don’t think at the time I saw it, but it’s stayed with me and I just wanted to say thanks for creating something that had a lasting impact on my world view.”

“I knew it would be a time investment well spent. I knew I would learn things. What I didn't expect was how deeply it would affect me. My perspective and empathy expanded/broadened and in turn the same for my commitment to making change at the agency. We'll be better humans that will produce better work based on these learnings.”

This workshop really was transformational. Primarily in understanding my own bias. Also the tone of meeting people where they are and not talking about thoughts or perspectives as good or bad, but what is. Allowing the thought thatbias exists in all of us and once we identify we can create the right dialogue for change, whether through policies and practices (i.e. ways of recruiting ) or communication within teams.

“This was really a wonderful experience personally and professionally. The facilitators were so thoughtful, open and caring that despite the sensitive dialogue at points, everyone felt supported and learned language and ways of approaching that makes me feel more prepared to have those conversation in my agency.“